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about us

RORABio is a pre-clinical stage company developing a new T-cell platform from which a wide variety of promising  new cellular therapies can be made. The platform consists of a newly discovered, long-lived, and stem-like memory cell population we call “RORA-Tscm”.  Formed in 2021, the company is a spin-out of Case Western Reserve University and Emory University.  Our initial focus is on combining RORA-Tscm cells with a bi-specific CAR to target a rare blood cancer (multiple myeloma).  FIND OUT MORE


We are also developing RORA-Tscm cells as an anti-HIV agent with support to Emory Univeristy from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Here, we prepare RORA-Tscm cells using our proprietary manufacturing method and then remove the HIV-binding receptor (CCR5).  We then develop the edited cells as a therapeutic for reconstituting the immune system of patients with T-cells that are now more resistant to HIV infection.  FIND OUT MORE 

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